Dyooroxao: the Ocaina Tribe’s Mysterious Virola Entheogen

This article is intended to be a succession from the prior Complete Guide to Virola & Dyooroxao. Here we will do a deep dive on the slowly unraveling mystery of Dyooroxao, which appears to be the only example of an orally consumed virola-based entheogenic preparation.

What is Dyooroxao?

Dyooroxao is an entheogen which is based on the cumala (the virola plant). We have an in-depth guide on virola which you can reference for more information, and otherwise we will use this article to highlight only Dyooroxao itself and its effects as well as traditional and modern usage.

Dyooroxao Ingredients and Alkaloids

Dyooroxao is made up of two ingredients: cumala and pashaca.

Cumala (Virola)


Dyooroxao Liquid and Paste

Photo of Dyooroxao as advertised on internet webshops.
Photo of a “Cumala-Pashaca” Ocaina Indian paste extract, prepared in a glass container.
dyooroxao container
A labeled container of Dyooroxao, likely sourced and purchased in Iquitos, Peru

Dyooraxao Snuff / Rapé

Photo of supposed Dyooraxao snuff

How is Dyooraxao used?

Dyooroxao’s traditional usage in the Amazonian Ocaina tribe

Who are the Ocaina tribe?

How do the Ocaina tribe use Dyooraxao?

Dyooroxao’s usage as an Oneirogen in the Shamanic Plant Dieta

What are the effects of Dyooroxao?

Questions about Dyooroxao that remain unresolved

Dyooroxao’s traditional usage similar to that of Ayahuasca

Dyooroxao’s western discovery and exposure

Dyooroxao’s usage as an oneirogen in dietas

Dyooroxao’s introduction to Iquitos from the Peruvian/Colombian border area

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