Introduction to Plant Shamanism

There is a conception in the modern world that there are “psychoactive” and “non-psychoactive” substances. Be it plants, animal secretions, chemicals in a lab… some of them will alter your mind and some of them will not.

People generally think of themselves in an ego centric worldview that revolves around their persona. “I am [this], I am [that]. [these] are my interests.” People collect and build up these personas in so many different ways that they look at their life as a big collection of things that they want to categorize themselves into.

“I am a businessman! I am a personal trainer! I love cooking so I am a cook! I love bicycles so I am a cyclist and I am a bigshot in my local bike scene so look at my hobby bike and fun tools and toys to go with it. This is who I am!”

What if – instead – your body was just a radio tuning into many different “radio stations” and absolutely everything you consumed was altering your mind in subtle ways? Everything you eat, all of the air and gasses you breathe, the amount of exercise you do, these are all factors in affecting your state of consciousness.

People have this generic state of “sobriety” and one of being “under the influence”. However this is not a complete picture. When we overeat a big meal and we are so stuffed with food we are cognitively impaired, almost like we are drunk. When someone spends all day indoors on the couch watching TV and does not use their muscles, their mind is in a very different place than the person with developed strong muscles who spent the day outside in direct sunlight breathing fresh air.

In your day to day life, your mind is always being altered by what you consume. Everything! If you are eating microgreens sprouts and nutritious seeds your mind is tuning into a healthy stations. If you are eating greasy cheeseburgers and processed sugars your mind is tuning into darker stations which are preventing you from operating at full mental capacity.

Our minds are always in a state of flux. However, this does not mean that you have to spend your life being “pushed around” helplessly by these different forces. Every single person has the potential and capacity to develop their own cognitive abilities to learn how to tune their minds to the highest possible frequency of cosmic radio stations to become the most complete, virtuous and perfected versions of themselves.

There are many components to this process of personal development such as:

  • healthy eating
  • exercise and building muscle
  • good relationships with friends, family, romance and community
  • cleanliness and keeping your life and room organized
  • getting fresh air and spending time outdoors
  • detachment from news, gossip, drama and bad attitudes
  • willingness to let go of parts of the self for newer parts to come
  • active religious and spiritual life

However, there is one particular skillset that will allow someone to make very quick progress. A skillset that is not for everyone, but calls for a certain few people in this world. A skillset that allows one to resolve immense traumas and healing in themselves that often seems that it can not

That is the shamanic plant path that calls for the human to be able to listen closely to the “voices” produced in their mind by plants that are consumed.

Different plants speak at different volumes

Some plants have very loud voices, like “cannabis”

Anyone who smokes cannabis instantly gets high, there is no way around it. The “persona” of the cannabis plant is consuming your body and overtaking your mind. When you are high you are not yourself, but rather you are acting as the physical host of the cannabis spirit experiencing the physical world through you. This is why communities of people who all consume the same substance seem to generally vibe with eachother. Stoners hang out with stoners, drunks with other drunks, cocaine users with other cocaine users. A more superficial explanation would be that its the people reinforcing their own habits, but what if we could also conceive of it that the plant spirits are finding their other “human hosts” in this world and gluing them together to gain more power and influence? Interesting.

Some plants have medium volume voices, like “bobinsana”

These plants can speak to you and alter your mind, but in more subtle ways. If you took the average

Some plants have very quiet voices, like “celery”

To the average person these plants have no psychoactive affect at all. Even to someone who practiced in a shamanic tradition extensively might not be able to detect the celery. However

It isn’t only the plants that have voices – animals and homeopathy

When you eat the meat of the suffering animal, you are also suffering with it.

There is a lot of controversy over whether homeopathy is an effective treatment of medicine. However, we are not trying to say that it is or it isn’t. The one part of homeopathy that is absolutely undisputed is …

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