Drinking Sananga – The Uchu Sanango Dieta & Dream Enhancement

Drinking sananga has crossed the mind of many who have put it in their eyes. If the sananga is working for me eye drops, what if I was to drink it? I know that the plant itself itself shouldn’t be psychoactive, so what will happen if I drink sananga?

Uchu Sanango is one of the “master plants” in indigineous Amazonian cultures.

It is one of the Sanangos, along with Chiric Sanango (which is a purple flowered plant used in healing dietas – read more here about Chiric Sanango). Chiric Sanango and Uchu Sanango are completely unrelated biologically and taxonomically, they are both known as the “Sanangos” because that is a title given to intense healing plants teachers.

“Chiric”, in Quechua, means ‘cold’ (not temperature, but the phenomenon of chills when you are sick), which refers to the chills you feel when you drink it. “Uchu”, in Quechua means “spicy or chili” which refers to the burning sensation of drinking Uchu Sanango / Sananga.

There exists several “master plants”, each known for their subtle qualities are personalities which have transformational effects in people. They are not entheogens in the sense that people in the west are concerned with. They will not give you visions or any trip akin to mushrooms or ayahuasca, but rather their qualities are invisible and must be detected through a meditative practice of inwards introspection. They are able to teach us deep wisdom, and build our abilities to detect what we put into our bodies on a much deeper level.

People go on retreats to work directly with native shamans who have experience managing the space and environment for a dieta to happen. They happen in places deep in the jungle where you hear the birds singing and bugs buzzing. Isolation is an essential component. To think that you will be able to recreate this environment at home in your living room is naive and you may actually end up with negative results under your own direction.

Warning: do not try this at home. 

Is Sananga the same as Uchu Sanango?

Uchu Sanango is one of the two strains of plants which are referred to as “Sananga”. It is also called the “Lobo Sananga” or “Tabernaemontana Sanango” plant.

What are the qualities and personality of Uchu Sanango?

It is characterized as a “grandfather” spirit in indigineous cultures. It is meant to help us let go of bad patterns of behaviour – for those who catch themselves making the same mistakes over and over again.

Abuelo Sanango is meant teach us to live our lives from a place of integrity and live from our heart in a place of balance.

Dr Sanango

Dr Sanango is

What is a dieta?

We cover this in depth in our article on master plant dietas.

What is the Uchu Sanango dieta?

The specific dieta for drinking sananga as Uchu Sanango can vary from center to center based on lineage and tradition of the shaman with which you work.

Is it safe to drink Sananga?


How does drinking Sananga as Uchu Sanango happen?

Many reports from different source of shamans across Peru report the same overall structure. After several days into this period of fasting with only bland foods:

  • Wake up at 3am
  • Drink a freshly prepared Uchu Sanango brew
  • Repeat for 3 consecutive days

There is to be no human contact, no books, no music, no nothing for the days leading up to your first cup of Uchu Sanango until days after your 3rd cup of Uchu Sanango.

See why this isn’t possible in the city?

If you are entering a meditative state of communication with the plants that lasts for days (even if the plant itself does not seem to have any effects that are psychoactive at the surface level) you are opening yourself up spiritually and psychologically. Hearing bad news from the media, listening to car horns honking, or getting involved in arguments or even listening to people complain could be very detrimental during this time. This is why people go away on those 10-day meditation retreats without contact to the outside world! 

Due to the way that we quantify things in modern medicine, it might be hard to specifically point to what any danger or risk could be. A spirtual answer from a shaman might be to tell you that you would be opening yourself up to dark forces, and you should only want to be absorbing the good forces of the plant while it acts on you in subtle ways. It is essential to have a calm still mind.

What are the effects of drinking Sananga?

In this section we will highlight a few situations of what people have reported online about their experiences from drinking Sananga. We do not suggest or recommend that you in any way do any of these things, we are reprting this information where you can process this information and make your own deicisions about your health after consulting with a certified health professional such as a doctor.

Sananga resin reported to reset drug tolerances in the body

One online source here reports that after they consumed very small amounts of T. Sananho resin, never more than 1g at a time, experienced a reset of tolerances and habits over a period of 2-4 days. He notes that he felt some slight feelings of body load, and would not recommend it to anyone who has to operate a vehicle or do anything where they must be fully attentive due to the bodily sensations he encountered.

It was reported that when he consumed dosages over 3g he experienced some dizziness and numbness, and would not recommend anyone to take that high of a dosage of the raw resin. This source reports that they would dissolve 1g into 3ml of liquid in order to make his own drops, however considering that every plant is unique, there is no reasonable way to connect how many grams of T. Sananho resin corresponds to 1ml of liquid sananga.

10-day Sananga Isolation Dieta reported to treat Lyme Disease

First and foremost, you can read the original document here. In this article …

Drinking Sananga as an Oneirogen for Dream Potentiation

There is very limited research on this topic, however there are reports that people who drink small amounts of Sananga (1ml-2ml) and then take mid-day naps will experience very vivid dreams.

An oneirogen is the name for a substance that enhances dreams. There are many plants that exhibit oneirogenic properties which are not psychoactive at all.

Sananga influences dreams in a way that they reportedly become much more lifelike and narrative-based. They tend to contain longer elaborate plotlines which relate to the ideas of ghosts and hauntings and spirits. However, these reports are compiled from a single person so we cannot assign a total personality of examples of effects until the experiences have been replicated over a greater audience of people:

Accounts of Sananga Influenced dreams

Thomas’ Account

Dream #1

I squirted about 1-2ml of sananga on my tongue and then took a mid-day nap. Immediately in the dream I was with who friends of mine with whom I participate in ceremonies with. We frequently alter our consciousness together in the surface waking world so it was comforting to have them here with me. The three of us came to a building, that seemed like an old stone church. We entered, but it had some interesting properties of non euclidian spaces where passing through doorways one way and back would bring us to different rooms. The building felt very haunted, as if we were in a haunted house full of ghosts and spirits around us. We entered into the basement of the building together, and then there was a hole in the ground with a ladder. Without hesitation, the girl in our party climbed down that ladder and when I looked away and back the hole was sealed off as if it was never there! She decended down into some darker realm without any way back. I turned to my male friend and we didn’t seem to worried but we decided to return to the entrance of the building. On our way there, he seemed to get distracted by some giant terracotta pot. In the surface world, my friend has the identical pot in his kitchen with a giant avocado tree in it, but here in the dream world it was in the church. He stood with his feet in the empty pot, squatted down and then put a lid over himself and the pot so that he vanished inside the pot. Then the pot seemed to vanish into the ground and he disappeared in the exact same way as the previous girl did. Now I am alone in this room and I transfigure into a bat. I start flying around and in the same way that a bat catches flies, I am now hunting down a bunch of little ghosts/spirits that are taking form similar to flies in the air. It was obvious in my dream that these little spirits were bad spirits and I was defeating them and removing evil from the world my eating them. I fly around and eat up all these little ghosts and then I recieve a message in my dream that the alkaloids found inside the sananga plant are going to put an end to the global corruption in world-governments and international bodies and usher in a fair, hopeful and bright future for all of humanity. Soonafter I woke up. In this dream state I was completely unaware that I was dreaming but had the precense in my body as if I was in the waking surface world without the self-awareness of lucid dreaming.

Dream #2

Several years ago I was dependent on a perscription drug that I resented. I had not have any cravings for it for at least one year and it was not on my mind at all, but I had a dream one night that I had relapsed on the drug and had fallen into a frenzy where I was giving into these really destructive and addictive patterns of behaviour. I woke up and had a bit of a rough morning where I could not focus my mind on anything and feeling a little delirious. I realized I was still very tired and didn’t have a proper good night sleep so I decided to drink 1-2ml of sananga, take a hot bath and then take a nap. When I drifted off into sleep I was once again in the dream world with two other of my friends. These were two different people from the previous dream. We were in a car and I was in the front-passenger seat. The driver floored it and started accelerating at an unbelievable speed and I felt the effects in the dream. I felt physically in my own body in an indistinguishable difference from the surface world. It felt completley like reality and I could even feel the pain of the seatbelt cutting into the skin of my arm from the acceleration incident. I looked down and even saw red marks from creases of the seatbelts in my skin with corresponding pain and soreness in the exact areas. It felt completely like waking reality and never experienced anything like this in a dream before. We continue driving and through a city that seemed to be a 50/50 mix of Vancouver, BC and Hamilton, ON. It had the layout of Hamilton streets but with the mountians of BC, and also those streetlights where sometimes you are allowed to drive in the lane in your direction but sometimes it is red and the lane is running in the opposite direction of you. We are driving and get into a head on-collision with a car that was driving the opposite direction it should have, we were not at fault. We immediately notice that the car we crashed into had no driver and seemed to be a haunted car. Then this jar of honey or some sweet embollted magical glass object rolls out of the car and starts continually rolling to its final decision. I take out my phone and start filming this magical rolling jar continue to its destination. Then the car we crashed into starts sliding away off to the side of the room and now I am in a building with two other people and we also have flashlights exactly like in the previous sananga dream. I am the leader of our ghost-hunting party and now we have some type of obligation and task that we are supposed to hunt down ghosts in the spirit world just like how I did as a bat in the first dream. We walk around the interior of this stone building hunting down clues and then suddenly a ghost grabs me from behind and removes me from my “physical” body and sends me into a dream-state one level deeper than I am in where I have a third person view of myself in the dream world, then I am sucked back into my dream body with the message that these ghosts are in charge here. When I woke up I felt sore in my body as If I had actually been in a car accident.

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