Master Teacher Plants and the Shamanic Plant Dieta

Master Teacher Plants

What are the Master Teacher Plants?

The master teacher plants are …

Can I consume the Master Teacher Plants outside of a dieta context?

You can. We even sell some of these plants like Cat’s Claw. In fact, many of these plants can be found at your local health food store.

The Amazonian Shamanic Dieta

What is a dieta?

This video gives a great introductory explanation. It is an hour long lecture but it is very rich in content.

What are the benefits of doing a dieta?

The benefits of a dieta are …

What are the risks of doing a dieta?

The risks of a dieta are …

That the dieta might not be legitimate, and that the center in which you are doing your dieta sees you just as a customer and wants your money so they give you a sub-par dieta experience.

What will I learn by doing a dieta?

By doing a dieta, you will learn …

Where can I participate in a Shamanic Dieta

Master Teacher Plant Dietas in the Amazon Rainforest

You should go to the Amazon to do a dieta …

Dietas outside of the Amazon

This happens, but it is much more difficult to discern the authenticity. One other big factor about doing dietas in urban, suburban, or deforested rural environments in North America and Europe is that you are not in the wilderness. There is a huge difference between being on a farm or plot of land with some forest in the middle of industrial society around you at all sides, and to be in the raw virgin forest of the Amazon. You are subject to radio waves, EMF, external artificial feedback, and the fauna around you is not in its limitless “wild” state. There is a very big difference in the mental landscape if someone

Self-directed dietas at home

I have read accounts online of people who proport to do their own dietas at home. Sure, this is possible, in theory. However, when one reads these accounts often times they are not conducted with the rigor and standards that would be conducted if one actually did

I read one account of a dieta where a woman was drinking coffee and having sex with her husband during the dieta. This is obviously strictly prohibited and would never fly in the Amazon. One is not supposed to have social contact during a dieta, and especially not any contact that is sexual in nature at all!

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