How to do a Shamanic Plant Dieta at Home (Self-guided)

Warning! Not all of the master teacher plants should be attempted in a self-guided dieta. For example, the Sanangos – Uchu Sanango and Chiric Sanango could potentially inflict a lot of unexpected suffering on an individual and cause delirium. Do not consume these plants on your own without a learned instructor who has worked with them. 

One could read a guide on how to cook fish like salmon at home, but that does not mean they should read that guide and go prepare “fugu” – the japanese poisonous pufferfish.

In the same way, someone could read a guide on how to do a dieta with rose (yes, the flower) at home. But that does not mean they should go and use that information to try and consume something like “chiric sanango” which is potentially poisonous at high doses.

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