Complete Guide to Mapacho Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica)

What is Mapacho Tobacco?

Nicotiana Rustica – the Mapacho Plant

Aztec tobacco.

What is Mapacho tobacco used for?

Why smoke Mapacho tobacco?

What are the effects of Mapacho Tobacco?

How is Mapacho different than the common tobacco?

Where is Mapacho tobacco used?

South America: Mapacho

Russia: Makhorka (махорка)

Vietnam: Thuốc lào

Turkey: Maraş otu

How is Mapacho used traditionally?

Smoking – Cigars and Pipes

Tobacco should never be inhaled into the lungs, only puffed in the mouth.

Mapacho cigars

Mapacho cigarettes

Mapacho rolls

Loose leaf mapacho

Insufflation – Rapé Shamanic Snuff made with Mapacho

Drinking – Mapacho tea

Why drink Mapacho tea?

How to make Mapacho tea


Mapacho’s usage in Shamanism

What are the characteristics of the Mapacho Plant Spirit?

Mapacho usage by a Tabaquero shaman (or tobaccero)

A tabaquero shaman, also spelled as ‘tobaccero’, is the name given to a shamanic practictioner such as a curandeiro who uses Mapacho Tobacco as his primary healing plant. He reveres tobacco to be the ultimate power plant which he uses, which is in contrast from a man who is an Ayahuasquero who primarily works with Ayahuasca in his practice.

The Mapacho Ceremony

The Mapacho Dieta

How is Mapacho tobacco used with plant dietas?

Mapacho smoke is blown on the tree …

How is Mapacho tobacco used with Ayahuascsa?

Not all mapacho usage is in contrast to other ayahuasca.

Sometimes, Mapacho is an ingredient in ayahuasca brews.

Mapacho Rolls – Storage made with rope

Mapacho rolls are the ideal method of storage for Mapacho. They …

Mapacho Seeds

Working with Mapacho tobacco

How to grow Mapacho tobacco

How to cure Mapacho tobacco

How to roll Mapacho tobacco

How to store Mapacho tobacco in rolls

Where can I buy Mapacho Tobacco?

A lot of people on the internet are looking for “Mapacho Tobacco for sale”. However, most countries have strict regulations around the sale of tobacco.

Where can I buy Mapacho in Canada?

There really isn’t any official store that sells them. One can purchase seeds and legally grow 200 tobacco plants.

Where can I buy Mapacho in the United States?

Legality of Mapacho

Overview of Mapacho legality and Tobacco regulations

Is Mapacho Legal in Canada?

Is Mapacho Legal in the United States?

Is Mapacho Legal in the UK?

Is Mapacho Legal in Australia?

Health risks of Mapacho Tobacco

What are the Dangers of smoking Mapacho Tobacco

Is smoking Mapacho tobacco less dangerous than cigarettes?

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