Kambo Practitioner Salary and Training Cost

If you have stumbled upon this article, you might be very interested in becoming a kambo practitioner and want to learn more.

How much does a Kambo practitioner make?

Well, they charge per session, per person.

It is unreasonable to think that someone might be able to be a full-time kambo practitioner, just due to the volume and nature of the business. There are a limited number of people even interested in kambo. Sure in theory you can make upwards of $1000 in a day, but the work is sporatic. The rest of the weekdays your income will be $0.

It also depends on how you want to practice. Some kambo practitioners really just want to see people one-on-one and their heart is into it and they want to heal.

Most people who are kambo practitioners tend to have other jobs that are flexible, in similar alternative health and wellness industry.

What type of Kambo practitoner do you want to be?

Some just farm their customers. Get as many people in the door at the same time and count the cash per head. Other people really try and make it personalized, but may charge more or less.

How big of a ceremony and production do you want it to be?

The person who taught me to give kambo never had any formal training at an “association” like the IAKP. They learned from people who learned from people who learned the indigineous through their shamanic community circles in South America. There is a no-frills, low cost. Nobody is dancing with feathers or using a chakapa or making you think are there for some fancy experience. Just give the person the kambo properly and sing to them songs that are in your heart as you do it. That for me is a very ideal role model to follow.

Many people who are kambo practitioners insist upon making the event a big theatrical production – but I cannot blame them because that is actually what people who are looking to be healed by kambo want.

How much does it cost you as a practitioner to facilitate kambo sessions?

The biggest cost is time.

Waiting for your patient to arrive. Wait for them to set up. Sit with them as they psych themselves up and get mentally ready. Help them integrate and give them space to lay down and rest after for as long as they need. Then give them some tea and fruits and sit with them and they will likely want to chat. One kambo session from start to finish can easily be 2+ hours, even when the dots might actually only be on their arm for 15 minutes total!

The second biggest cost is your life energy.

No matter what your opinion is on metaphysical energies, it is absolutely exhausting and emotionally draining to have to sit next to a person and witness them hurling their guts out in a puffed up and swollen state.

The cost of the space.

Are you renting a studio? Is this your home? It better be clean when the people arrive.

The cost of the raw materials.

You will have to buy the kambo somewhere, and if you also work with sananga and rapé in the sessions then likely you will need to get that from somewhere too. Also burn sticks (which we sell!). Almond/yuca milk if you are using wet method. While this may be your biggest cost materially, keep in mind how much money of the session you are charging is going to all of these factors.

When you tally up all of the material costs and effort, you might not be making.

How much should you charge your Kambo customers?

How much does it cost to become a Kambo practitioner?

We will put it shortly and bluntly. If a friend who is skilled with kambo teaches you how to give kambo, its free. However, your friend might be a totally clueless person and you don’t know any better.

In South America, people who give kambo in a skillfull way to hundreds if not thousands of clients simply do not have certifications. “Certification? What certification? I give you the kambo! Who could give you the certificate – the frog?”

Kambo licensing agencies are a very recent thing. However you can generally be rest assured that if you

However, you might pay someone who is a “trained professional” kambo administrator and they could also be totally clueless and teach you wrong stuff.

There’s this one video of a famous kambo retreat center in the UK who has a really big online presence. They use these stencils and sharpie markers to make big fun “tattoo” shapes in the customers, and then burn holes right on top these markings of toxic permanent sharpie marker ink. Simply because this place is an institution with expensive videography and a stunning website, a random person on the street would still find them trustworthy despite this practice.

The real question here is – if you want to learn to give kambo … how can you best invest your time and money to become a skilled one. How much does it cost of your time and money and effort, and also you must ask yourself why you even want to give kambo? The frog is calliing you? Passion? Career? Or are you in it for the money?

If you want to give kambo as a career, it might be useful to get certified. Or get good at marketing.

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