Complete Guide to Kambô / Sapo (Phyllomedusa Bicolor)

Last updated January 2021

What is Kambô?

Kambô, also called Sapo, Kampo. Ironically, Sapo is the

Phyllomedusa Bicolor Frog

Collection of the Kambô secretion

Is Kambô really a venom or poison?

… [disputed]

How is Kambô used?

Traditional usage of Kambô in the Amazon jungle

Modern usage of Kambô

Some Kambô organizations look super legitmate, but they do some obviously bad flaws. One really popular center which we will not name will make stencils of the dots with sharpie permanent markers

Health benefits of Kambô

Kambo Peptides

The peptides in the secretion of Kambo are …

Kambo combatting depression

Kambo After Effects

Kambo opens up the circulation in one’s body. Some men in their 50s say that Kambo sessions help to combat erectile disfunction, and blood can more easily flow into the penis when they are sexually aroused.

How to apply Kambô

How to become a Kambô practitioner

Legality of Kambo

It is legal pretty much everywhere.

Health Risks and Dangers of Kambô

Health Risks of Ingestion

The number one rule about Kambô safety is do not let it get up your nose or into your mouth and swallow it.

Snorting Kambô can result in instant death. If someone takes Kambô powder, or scrapes it off a stick and snorts it they can die right there on the spot with no hope of saving them. There are some rare rare rare situations where some obscure tribes might use trace amounts in a snuff, but you better not do that.

Swallowing Kambô can result in a permanent incurable heart disease. This is known to the natives as the “frog disease” and will give you all types of heart problems. It will increase your risk of a heart attack by a dramatic factor, give you an irregular heartbeat and many more things.

Kambô contraindications

Deaths from Kambô application

It is very rare, but some people in the modern world have died from using Kambô. We will discuss in this section what went wrong and how these deaths occurred.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I take Kambo?

Some people suggest one day should be three back-to-back sessions. Other people say three times within one month is a cycle.

How kambo can change your life?

How many dots to take?

How long should the kambo dots stay on?

Where to buy kambo sticks or powder?

Where does kambo come from?

Where can I find kambo treatment?

Why should I take kambo?

Are kambo scars permanent?

How can I get rid of kambo scars with bio-oil?

What are kambo dots?

Can kambo kill you?

Can kambo cure cancer?

Can kambo cure herpes?

can kambo cause psychosis

can kambo help with anxiety

can kambo cure hpv

can kambo cure hiv

can kambo be dangerous

Kambo after effects?

The next 3 days feel amazing. The peptides are still fresh in your body and really becoming one with you. Try taking kambo in the morning, and then taking a nap 3 hours after your session. It feels so amazing. You are floating for 3 days.

What is the relationship between Kambo and Ayahuasca?

Does Kambo help with anxiety? Yes

Does kambo help with depression? Yes

Does kambo have contraindications?

Is kambo contraindicated with any antidepressants the same that MAOIs are?

Is Kambo an MAOI? No

Does kambo help with addiction, drug dependency and withdrawl? Yes. It does, and it resets your tolerance. If someone is addicted to heroin and they take kambo, then they go back to the dose they took before the kambo they could die. This is also the same as with Iboga and Ibogaine. They have similar effects anti-addicition, but the actual chemicals are very different.

Mixing kambo with alcohol?

Kambo and Bufo?

kambo detox

kambo experience

What to do if kambo gets in your eyes, mouth, nose, ears, etc?

Kambo and fertility

Kambo frog face

kambo heart problems

Injecting kambo – bad idea

Kambo and boost of the immune system

kambo as a last name

Kambo and lyme disease

kambo sticks

kambo tattoo

kambo vomit colours

kambo as a vaccine

kambo weight loss

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