Kambô in Canada

What is Kambô?

Learn about Kambô, also known as sapo or kampo.

Kambô is the common name for the secretion of the phyllomedusa bicolor tree frog of the Amazon jungle. Some people regard Kambô to be a poison or a venom of the frog, however there is limited evidence to suggest this; it is much more likely put simply a secretion of the skin used to protect it from the sun and stay moist. Specific peptides in the kambô secretion bind to receptors in the human body, causing effects in humans.

Kambô has been used by the Matses and other tribes of the Amazon jungle for a very long time.

Where can I learn more about Kambô?

Peter Gorman’s book, Sapo in My Soul, is an amazing resource on this topic. I say you should buy it. I cover some ideas and points that Peter Gorman shared in his book here on this website, however I say you should buy the book from him.

What are the risks of Kambô?

Kambô is mostly, safe, however there are some precautions. It is true that there have been a few recorded deaths from Kambô usage.

Another precaution is dosage. 

Where can I find a Kambô practitioner? 

There are some organizations that certify Kambo practitioners, such as the IAKP (International Association of Kambô Practitioners). However, that does not mean that someone who is certified by one of these organizations are will always be more qualified than someone who is not a member.

For example, no indigineous people would ever get any “certification” for administering Kambô, considering it is a skill they know intimately. Someone who went to go learn from the natives 

Cautionary Remarks – What to look for in a Kambô Pracitioner

There is one organization that is very active on the internet who will mark the dots of where the kambo is going to go with a big sharpie marker on the skip before burning the holes. This is bad! But they look super professional and have all the certifications but then you will have sharpie marker ink leaking into the open wounds of your skin. 

Who do we reccomend as a Kambô Practitioner?

At this time, Kambô Canada does not promote or endorse any particular Kambô practitioner who is located in the country of Canada.