Complete Guide to Datura, Brugmansia & the Toé Dieta

Overview and Information of the Datureae (Toé) plants


Datura is a plant


Brugmansia is a plant

Alkaloid content of Datureae (Toé) plants


Toé (Datura, Brugmansia) as an Ayahuasca Admixture

Even in an episode of Hamilton’s Pharmacopia, Hamilton Morris met a shaman in the forest and they talked about making Ayahuasca. The shaman seemed to have no idea about mixing in any of the DMT containing plants in with the ayahausca vine such as chacruna or chaliponga as we know in the west, but rather said that if he wanted to have visions he should add toé into the brew.

The Toé Dieta and Javier Regueiro

It is very important when selecting where

The Toe / Datura Diaries: The First Ever Account of Dieting the Revered Shamanic Plant Brugmansia aka Toé / Datura by Javier Regueiro

This is a book released very recently in 2020.

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