Complete Guide to Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus krukovii laevis)

Last updated November 2020

What is Chuchuhuasi?

Chuchuhuasi is a large canopy tree of the Amazon rainforest that grows to 30 m tall. It has large leaves (10-30 cm), small, white flowers, and extremely tough, heavy, reddish-brown bark.

Several botanical names have been given to this species of tree. It is referenced as Maytenus krukovii, M. ebenifolia, M. laevis, and M. macrocarpa; all botanical names refer to the same tree. The tree grows in  the tropical rainforests of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Chuchuhuasi is used in health sessions called “mesadas”. It has some stimulating effect on the user, and the healer will traditionally take the Chuchuhuasi together with the patient in an attempt to make a connection int he spiritual world of nature through the plant in order to diagnose and help cure the issue.

Health Benefits of Chuchuhuasi

Overview of Chuchuhuasi’s benefits

  • Chewing Chuchuhuasi bark is considered by some to be effective in treating diarrhea, arthritis, menstrual irregularities, and upset stomach.
  • Chuchuhuasi is also used as a muscle relaxant, effectively breaking up and dispersing lactic actid. Some say It enhances virility. The bark is extremely bitter which is why it is usually taken as an alcoholic decoction, often mixed with bee honey.
  • The herb tends to reflect revitalising and antioxidant activities as well as it enhancing the immunological system. Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties are taken advantage of in relieving rheumatic conditions.
  • Chuchuhuasi also helps some in their fight against pain due to its analgesic properties. It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, and valuable to some in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, MS and alcoholism.
  • Broadly speaking, Chuchuhuasi helps to rejuvenate the system and revitalise the nervous tissue.
  • Chuchuhuasi is also used in some countries as an adjuvant in chronic diseases of the nervous system, such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Chuchuhuasi’s anti-inflammatory properties

The Chuchuhuasi Dieta

We will provide a summary and aggregation about information on Chuchuasi Dietas. As always, reference our guide on shamanic dietas to learn more about this.

Note that Chuchuhuasi is not always regarded as a master teacher plant, or at least not of the highest tier. Some shamans will claim that while yes this plant does carry immense power to heal, but it will not open you up energetically and psychically the way master plants like Bobinsana do. It will not guide you and teach you through your dreams in the way the master plants like Bobinsana do. Some people who have done many dietas say that they will feel much lesser contact with the spirit of the Chuchuhuasi tree than they do with the traditionally known master plants.

Dietas with Chuchuhuasi will always involve brews that one will drink, made from the bark of the tree. The primary pscyho-spiritual properties of the bark are “strengthening” and “purification“.

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