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Dyooroxao: the Ocaina Tribe’s Mysterious Virola Entheogen

This article is intended to be a succession from the prior Complete Guide to Virola & Dyooroxao. Here we will do a deep dive on the slowly unraveling mystery of Dyooroxao, which appears to be the only example of an orally consumed virola-based entheogenic preparation. What is Dyooroxao? Dyooroxao is an entheogen which is based […]

Complete Guide to Virola & Dyooroxao (Cumala, Epená)

What is the Virola tree? … Alkaloid content of Virola … What are the various species of Virola? Virola theiodora / Virola elongata … Virola calophylla … Virola callophylloidea … Virola rufula … Virola surinamensis … Virola sebifera … Traditional usage of Virola … Virola’s supposed mixture with Sananga leaves According to “The Encyclopedia of […]