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Drinking Sananga – The Uchu Sanango Dieta & Dream Enhancement

Drinking sananga has crossed the mind of many who have put it in their eyes. If the sananga is working for me eye drops, what if I was to drink it? I know that the plant itself itself shouldn’t be psychoactive, so what will happen if I drink sananga? Uchu Sanango is one of the “master […]

Complete Guide to Sananga Eye Drops – Traditional Usage, Effects and Benefits

Last updated January 2021 This article aims to give the most comprehensive information about the Sananga plant and its traditional usage in indigineous contexts. What is the Sananga Plant? “Sananga” colloquially can be a generic name for juices in the format of eye drops from different plants, particularly from the two plants “Tabernaemontana Sananho” and […]