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How to make Rapé Shamanic Snuff

Introduction to making your own Rapé shamanic snuff … Video guides from Youtube on making Rapé Here is what Rapé Shamanic Snuff Making Workshops in South America … An overview of how to create your own Rapé … Selecting your botanicals and ash … Should you include Mapacho tobacco? … Working with the plant ash […]

Complete Guide to Rapé (Rapeh, Hapeh, Shamanic Snuff)

"Rapé" by artist Geenss Archenti

Last updated October 2020 What is rapé? Rapé is a term used for shamanic snuffs in South America. It comes from the root word in Romance languages meaning “shredded”. Does rapé contain tobacco? “Rapé” does not have the same meaning in South America that it does in Europe. In Europe, rapé is a term used […]