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Introduction to Plant Shamanism

There is a conception in the modern world that there are “psychoactive” and “non-psychoactive” substances. Be it plants, animal secretions, chemicals in a lab… some of them will alter your mind and some of them will not. People generally think of themselves in an ego centric worldview that revolves around their persona. “I am [this], […]

How to do a Shamanic Plant Dieta at Home (Self-guided)

Warning! Not all of the master teacher plants should be attempted in a self-guided dieta. For example, the Sanangos – Uchu Sanango and Chiric Sanango could potentially inflict a lot of unexpected suffering on an individual and cause delirium. Do not consume these plants on your own without a learned instructor who has worked with […]

Retreat Centers offering Shamanic Master Plant Dietas

This article is to highlight reputable places you can go to enage in plant dietas How to select a good retreat center for your dieta … Specialty Retreats for specific Plant Dietas Some plant dietas require a lot of specialty work. You want to work with a curandeiro who is very specifically knowledgable about working […]

Master Teacher Plants and the Shamanic Plant Dieta

Master Teacher Plants What are the Master Teacher Plants? The master teacher plants are … Can I consume the Master Teacher Plants outside of a dieta context? You can. We even sell some of these plants like Cat’s Claw. In fact, many of these plants can be found at your local health food store. The […]

Complete Guide to Datura, Brugmansia & the Toé Dieta

Overview and Information of the Datureae (Toé) plants Datura Datura is a plant Brugmansia Brugmansia is a plant Alkaloid content of Datureae (Toé) plants   Toé (Datura, Brugmansia) as an Ayahuasca Admixture Even in an episode of Hamilton’s Pharmacopia, Hamilton Morris met a shaman in the forest and they talked about making Ayahuasca. The shaman […]

Drinking Sananga – The Uchu Sanango Dieta & Dream Enhancement

Drinking sananga has crossed the mind of many who have put it in their eyes. If the sananga is working for me eye drops, what if I was to drink it? I know that the plant itself itself shouldn’t be psychoactive, so what will happen if I drink sananga? Uchu Sanango is one of the “master […]