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Drinking Mapacho Tobacco Shamanic Tea (Nicotiana Rustica)

Warning!!! Drinking tobacco is seriously toxic. Do not prepare any tobacco drinks and do not drink them. We wrote this article as an exploration of an ethnobotanical history of tobacco and its traditional usage. In the modern world people’s understanding of tobacco seems to all come from a certain mass-produced cultivar of tobacco from the plant […]

Growing and Curing Mapacho Ceremonial Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica)

Introduction to growing, curing and producing your own Mapacho Tobacco … Legality of Growing Mapacho Tobacco Legal status of growing Mapacho Tobacco in Canada … Legal status of growing Mapacho Tobacco in USA … Legal status of growing Mapacho Tobacco in the rest of the World … How to grow Mapacho Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica) … […]

Complete Guide to Mapacho Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica)

What is Mapacho Tobacco? Nicotiana Rustica – the Mapacho Plant Aztec tobacco. What is Mapacho tobacco used for? … Why smoke Mapacho tobacco? … What are the effects of Mapacho Tobacco? … How is Mapacho different than the common tobacco? … Where is Mapacho tobacco used? South America: Mapacho … Russia: Makhorka (махорка) … Vietnam: […]