The Rediscovery of Bufo by Ken Nelson (Al Most)


This article highlights the journey of Ken Nelson who rediscovered the entheogenic usage of consuming the venom of the Sonoaran Desert Toad in the early 1980s, which lead the the global worldwide usage of smoking “Bufo” which is happening today.

This article was made possible by the wonderful work by Hamilton Morris in his filmmaking endeavors on entheogenic research. We attribute all content featured here for education purposes and support the creators for their work.

We publish this web article not for any commercial purposes, but entirely educationally. We also do not endorse the usage of smoking Bufo or any synthetic variant, and actually believe that nobody should consume Bufo or any synthetic variant due to its illlegality as well as health risks. If you would like to learn more about Bufo, we wrote this comprehensive Bufo article to educate you about its properties, risks and more.

Please support the charity project based around the Sonoaran Desert Toad at this link. 100% of the profit from this book will be donated to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

We hope that people who find our Bufo articles and read them will decide to abstain from smoking any Bufo toad venom, help the natural conservation to protect the frog, and donate money to charity.

Ken Nelson’s interest and curiosity for entheogens

A young Ken Nelson

Ken Nelson discovers work by Dr Jeanne Runquist on Bufo remains at Cherokee sites

In 1981 August issue of Omni Magazine, he came across an article…

Ken Nelson travels to Arizona to search for Bufo

He travelled with his dog (a collie) named Quanah and his girlfriend named Pat. Quanah and Pat are mentioned to be dedicated in the book.

Ken Nelson successfully harvests venom from the frog and has the first Bufo experience of the modern world

Ken Nelson returns to Texas to develop and publish booklets in collaboration with his friends


The pamphlets spread across the world under a pseudonymous attribution to Al Most

Bufo usage enters the mainstream and Ken Nelson moves into the underground at his Texas compound

Hamilton Morris publishes a documentary of Bufo with false information and Ken Nelson reaches out to him to set the story straight

The passage of Ken Nelson and Hamilton Morris’ second Bufo documentary

The second edition of the Bufo Alvarius book is produced and launches for sale


There is a new reprint of the Bufo book pamphlet along with T-Shirts for sale, which you can purchase here.

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