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Complete Guide to Rap茅 (Rapeh, Hapeh, Shamanic Snuff)

"Rap茅" by artist Geenss Archenti

Last updated October 2020 What is rap茅? Rap茅 is a term used for shamanic snuffs in South America. It comes from the root word in Romance languages meaning “shredded”. Does rap茅 contain tobacco? “Rap茅” does not have the same meaning in South America that it does in Europe. In Europe, rap茅 is a term used […]

Master Teacher Plants and the Shamanic Plant Dieta

Master Teacher Plants What are the Master Teacher Plants? The master teacher plants are … Can I consume the Master Teacher Plants outside of a dieta context? You can. We even sell some of these plants like Cat’s Claw. In fact, many of these plants can be found at your local health food store. The […]

Complete Guide to Datura, Brugmansia & the To茅 Dieta

Overview and Information of the Datureae (To茅) plants Datura Datura is a plant Brugmansia Brugmansia is a plant Alkaloid content of Datureae (To茅) plants   To茅 (Datura, Brugmansia) as an Ayahuasca Admixture Even in an episode of Hamilton’s Pharmacopia, Hamilton Morris met a shaman in the forest and they talked about making Ayahuasca. The shaman […]

Complete Guide to Yopo and Cebil Snuff & Seeds (Anadenanthera peregrina)

Last updated January 2021. Note that we are writing this article for educational and research purposes. We do not sell Yopo, we have never sold Yopo, and we have no idea where you can buy it. We also never intend to sell Yopo. We also do not recommend anyone to take Yopo. Our website aims […]

Complete Guide to Kamb么 / Sapo (Phyllomedusa Bicolor)

Last updated January 2021 What is Kamb么? Kamb么, also called Sapo, Kampo. Ironically, Sapo is the Phyllomedusa Bicolor Frog … Collection of the Kamb么 secretion … Is Kamb么 really a venom or poison? … [disputed] How is Kamb么 used? Traditional usage of Kamb么 in the Amazon jungle … Modern usage of Kamb么 Some Kamb么 organizations […]

Drinking Sananga – The Uchu Sanango Dieta & Dream Enhancement

Drinking sananga has crossed the mind of many who have put it in their eyes. If the sananga is working for me eye drops, what if I was to drink it? I know that the plant itself itself shouldn’t be psychoactive, so what will happen if I drink sananga? Uchu Sanango聽is one of the “master […]

Complete Guide to Sananga Eye Drops – Traditional Usage, Effects and Benefits

We do not sell any Sananga or any product at all as a recommendation to cure any disease. We also make no health claims. We only want to collect all information about existing scientific research of Sananga together in one place on the internet. We do not sell any Kambo or other associated products. We […]