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Sananga Canada launched in January 2020 with a dream to bring ethnobotanical education for Canadians to the web. We have dedicated ourselves first and foremost to being an educational and research website about Sananga and other traditional plants of the Amazon rainforest.

When the website first came online there was very little information about Sananga found anywhere on the web. There was no comprehensive research articles and a lot of misinformation so we published the first edition of the Complete Guide to Sananga. At this time, we were the first ever vendor to make Sananga plant material available for sale in Canada. This project grew to become the most expansive information resource in one place on the topic of Sananga anywhere on the internet.

Sananga Canada Blonde girl with Sananga Eye Drops and Canada Flag

Sananga Canada forest floor art girl with golden shimmering Sananga Eye Drops

Ethnobotanical Research

The Sananga Canada team collects information from both academics and citizen scientists researching Sananga and all natural plants from the Amazon rainforest and beyond. It is our mission to be an educational resource above all, and to help grow and promote the discipline of ethnobotany to a new generation.

We are very inspired not only by the indigenous peoples who discovered and held the traditions of use for these medicines, but also to the great western minds such as Richard Evans Schultes who established the bridge between our modern society and that of the original cultures of the Americas that this information may be preserved and carried forward. We hope to expand our articles on the history of the discipline of ethnobotany, and to open the path for young inspired minds who feel called to contribute to this field in a meaningful way.

If you are a scientist and are interested in contributing to these projects, please feel free to reach out in the form below for collaborations.

Sananga Canada Scientist in lab inspected eyedrops and phyllomedusa bicolor Kambô frog

Sananga Canada Scientist in lab inspected eyedrops and phyllomedusa bicolor Kambô frog

Sananga Canada Scientist in the rainforest

Legal Disclaimer

Sananga Canada aims to work in total compliance with the laws and regulations of Canada.

We have posted at the bottom of every single page our legal disclaimer, and upon checkout we require that every user agrees with a checkbox that they are purchasing our products for non-human consumption purposes.

We do not market any products as “health products” that would be in any way approved by Health Canada or prescribed for any particular ailment. We work in good faith and only sell raw herbs for incense, arts and crafts, scientific research and other non-medicinal purposes.

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