Sananga Canada is the country’s first and original scientific resource for Sananga established in 2020.

Sananga Canada is dedicated to educate the world on ethnobotany. We specialize in articles tailored to teach about the herbs from the Amazon jungle and have a webshop to showcase treasures from the jungle. 

Our mission is to make the knowledge of the indigenous people of South America accessible to the world for those who feel called to study their traditions. We also honour the First Nations peoples of Canada that we can promote the ideas that will keep these important cultures alive through knowledge and study.

Our prime focus is on Sananga and we have written the internet’s #1 leading information resource on Sananga where you can learn almost everything about the plant. Please take your time to browse our website to educate yourself on the endless mysteries of the world, and get lost in our rainforest of articles!

We do our best to source all of our products in ethical and sustainable ways from South American communities in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. We believe in the fair treatment of all indigenous farmers and want to promote the sustainability of their natural rainforest homes.

We sell our products for ethnobotanical research purposes and do not condone any specific usage of them for ingestion as a health cure for any ailment. Our products are meant for horticultural, biological and botanical researchers (professional and amateur alike) and they could make a great place on your lab table or your altar.

While today the plant remains relatively obscure, we believe that the true potential of Sananga will be realized in the future for the fullness of its capability, and aim the path forward for conservation efforts and possible medical research. It is a treasure of the Indigineous peoples of the Amazon whom we revere and honour, and wish to pay them respects as we spread their wisdom throughout the world.

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Sananga Canada’s pride is in our informational articles. 

For all Amazon Rainforest herbs we sell, we make sure that we write a comprehensive article for our readers to learn everything there is to know about our plants. Here we have a selection of our top

One major educational point we like to talk about is on the Shamanic Plant Diets of the Amazon jungle that are common to the indigenous people. These plant diets allow practitioners to connect with the plants on a deep and intimate level and get to know the properties of the plant beyond a materialistic level.

Over 95% of the herbs used by the Yawanawa tribe have never been botanically examined by western science. The information on these topics is very fragile and we aim to preserve and promote their tradition that it can be carried into the new world.

Read our main focused new articles on our top new herbs, such as Bobinsana, Ajo Sacha, Mulungu, Clavo Huasca, Cinchona, Dragon’s Blood, Palo Santo, and of course Sananga. Here you can discover the real magic in of the world of plants.

We hope our articles and products inspire you to donate money to rainforest conservation and one day travel to the world’s largest rainforest yourself to behold it in all of its glory.

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We sell products for Kambo practitioners to use in their work such as Burn Sticks and Dragon’s Blood. We do not sell any Kambo sticks or animal products whatsoever. We believe that the only people who should be handling these items are those trained in a proper traditional format and absolutely nobody should be attempting to use Kambo on themselves at home because of its potential dangers.

If you are interested in Kambo and found other websites online that sell Kambo sticks or powder, please do not buy it and try to apply it to yourself. That is irresponsible and potentially very dangerous.

If you are interested to learn more about Kambo, please check out our Complete Guide to Kambo or learn about what it takes to become a Kambo practitioner.

Shamanic Master Plant Dietas

Learn about the Master Plants.

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We sell products such as incense and floral rose water that can be used in shamanic ceremonies or for prayer. These products could be of great use any yoga studio or spiritual retreat.

We promote the idea that people should learn from the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and practice their traditions authentically.

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